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Victor from LONDON REAL Business Accelerator after 5 Years

Hi! I don’t know if you remember me, but I was in the London Real Business Accelerator 5 years ago. 

After that time a lot of things happened. I was very frustrated after the course  of the underdelivery value, but I thought that was my fault and I didn’t do as good as I was suppose, and I kept trying, with the time and learning new marketing skills, I realize they didn’t have any idea about what they were doing, and thought that any online business was as London Real. 

The other day I found that page that we used to put our progress, remember?

I checked all the Youtube channels and my surprise was that from 81 people, just 25 channels are still active (and only 15  webs) from these 19 are under 10 subscribers, 3 under 50 and 1 with 140, 1 with 540. 

WTF!!!!  this is not a business accelerator.  

I am not rich or nothing, but this last year I learned how it works, this month I hit the 1000 subscribers on Youtube and start monetizing the channel that started like yours with the 10 Vlog series and also brought me a few clients for my adventure activities, around 1500€ and some other 50€ by automated sells. 

If you still interested on learning how to do build a business online with Youtube, I will help you for FREE to get a few more subscribers. I want to be transparent, if we are able to see the improvement then I will offer you a paid service, not crazy expensive like LRBA. And if you are not interested I will be happy to help anyway. But don’t do it just because it’s free, I will put my time and effort on it, so just do it if you really want like me to grow a business with the advantage that Youtube provides.

Write me at 👉 👈